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D.N. Williams is a Los Angeles based filmmaker and video artist working with intuitive and darkly comical means in alternative documentary and experimental forms.

His work plays with the binary conventions of Western perception by bending time and space, self and other, politic and impolitic, justice and injustice.

Instead of seeking "liminal" spaces, D.N.'s work is a frequently trippy electrical flicker between light and dark binaries, provoking both comic reactions through ostensibly bleak subject matter and sincere pathos in the face of sentimentalism or absurdity.

D.N. is a programmer for The Slamdance Film Festival and was the Co-Director of The Big Muddy Film Festival from 2009-2012.

D.N. grew up rural poor in an old stone farm house, with a rural-route mailbox, between a trailer park and a hay field.

His films and videos have been official selections internationally and domestically at Antimatter [Media Art], The Berlin International Director's Lounge, Athens International Film + Video Festival, and Experiments In Cinema.

A number of his films are housed in the media collections at Bennington College, Northwestern University, Emerson College, Savannah College of Art and Design, University of Cincinnatti, and UT San Antonio.

His written criticism on film and television has been presented for the Society for Cinema and Media Studies, Popular Culture/American Culture Associations, and at the Visible Evidence Documentary Conference.

Deron Nathaniel Williams
133 N Reno St #102
Los Angeles, CA 90026


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